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    Eyeliner Tips For Hooded Eyes


    Jul 10, 2021 , ,

    Here are eyeliner tips for hooded eyes to remember check out more tips for permanent eyebrows.

    1. Lengthen the Wing

    Hooded eye shapes can here and there seem burdened or turned-down, making you look tired. By coordinating your eyeliner wing up and outward, you can adjust your hooded shape and make the presence of a more conscious looking eye shape.

    1. Attempt the Credit Card Trick

    On the off chance that you experience difficulty making sharp lines with your eyeliner, attempt the Visa stunt. Basically line up a Mastercard or business card where you need your liner to be and paint straightforwardly against the straight edge.

    1. Keep Pointed Cotton Swabs on Hand

    For simple tidy up, you can hone up your eyeliner shape with a sharp q-tip. At the point when dunked in a little micellar water, the accuracy tip makes it simple to hone those fine subtleties (like the actual tip of the wing).

    1. Sketch Out Your Shape First

    Before you go in with a longwear, waterproof gel liner that is almost difficult to eliminate, sketch out your shape with an eyeliner pastel or pencil first. When drawing out your shape, go somewhat more slender than you really need your last appear to be, then, at that point go over it with a more extended enduring equation. It’s a lot simpler to develop your eyeliner to your ideal thickness than it is to remove item that is as of now been applied.

    1. Keep Your Eyes Open

    While applying eyeliner to the lash lines, it’s normally our first nature to close our eye and begin drawing. Be that as it may, in reality, you can improve shape when you keep your eye open. With your eye shut, it’s difficult to tell precisely how out of sight wing is as you’re drawing it. Keeping your eye open gives you a superior thought of what sort of look you’re making (as you’re making it).